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Vicki Wilson Netball Clinic

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14th March


21st March

Meal Deal - Tuckshop

26th March
Sport lessons
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St Mary’s School is located in Charleville, Queensland Australia and provides a faith based education for students from Prep to Year Six.

The St Mary’s School community is challenged to work towards building an environment whereby all school activities are grounded in values that are congruent with the teachings of Jesus. Being a rural school, family and community ties are strong and we are committed to maintaining mutually supportive and inclusive relationships.

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Last week saw the first use of the school bus. Our bus is the product of much hard work from P&F’s, past and present. It was amazing to see the joy on the student’s faces as we loaded up to make the short trip to the pool. There was obviously a sense of; this is our bus and it is very special. In the morning before school, I asked a few of the senior students to help me sweep out the dust that had accumulated since the bus’s delivery. This was partly so I wouldn’t have to do the sweeping, but I also wanted them to realise that this is our bus and to gain a sense of pride in our school belongings. Of course, because of the quality of our young people, they cleaned the bus with good humour and without complaint.

This willingness to just get in and get the job done without complaining has been a mark of the students here at St Mary’s. On Friday’s assembly, I acknowledged a student who, every day makes sure our eating area is set up with bins and the rubbish is collected. This is an expectation of our year six students, but this young man goes above and beyond, he has pride in his school and takes his job seriously. I won’t mention his name here at the risk of embarrassing him, but he is exhibiting the habits that will make him successful. There are no shortcuts in this young man’s repertoire.

Quite often in the desire to be good parents we limit the chances of good habits from being developed, we do too much. We sometimes make the mistake of leaving no room for those good habits to be established. Recently when a student didn’t have a hat he told me his mother forgot to pack it. Of course, you know my response; it’s not your mother’s hat!

The students here at St Mary’s have many well-developed good habits; you only have to see how they interact with each other to know that. The teachers are working hard to reinforce the good habits of their students by getting them to be responsible for their actions. Ask your child what is expected in their classroom, it would be interesting to hear what they say.

Congratulations to our district swimmers on a remarkable win, shared with Quilpie State School. I was able to spend some time watching our students at the district swimming carnival and was very impressed with the commitment they showed.

A huge congratulations to our Year Six leaders for the impressive way they led our Opening Mass on Friday, February 2nd. Please enjoy some photos below of this special day. A big ‘thank you’ as always to Fr Peter and Sr Elizabeth as well. Many thanks to our supportive parent body who attended.


‘Reading in the Garden’ commenced last week and is on every Tuesday morning from 8:00 – 8:20. This is a lovely relaxing time for students to enjoy a story or two in our extremely comfy beanbags. Parents are most welcome to join us.

The school provided funding for Craig Smith, a well-known children’s book illustrator, to visit our school and conduct workshops for our students. We viewed some of his original paintings and illustrations, learnt about his style and techniques and the students also were given the opportunity to complete their own character illustration under his expert guidance. The sessions were not only lots of fun, they were very informative and the students learnt new skills and drawing techniques.

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