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St Mary’s School is located in Charleville, Queensland Australia and provides a faith based education for students from Prep to Year Six.

The St Mary’s School community is challenged to work towards building an environment whereby all school activities are grounded in values that are congruent with the teachings of Jesus. Being a rural school, family and community ties are strong and we are committed to maintaining mutually supportive and inclusive relationships.

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Community News 

As we approach the end of what can only be described as an extraordinary term, I would like to reflect on the way in which our staff, students and school community has responded to this global crisis. I am conscious of the way in which the community has responded. We have endeavoured to always respond empathetically and the decisions made will continue to be based on what is for the greater good of the school and our students. Below are a few points which are important to communicate to you.

  • We remain committed to providing an education to all students through these difficult times.
  • No enrolment will be in jeopardy due to failure to pay fees.
  • If your financial circumstances have changed please contact me. Extended payment arrangements and/or concessions can be offered. All correspondence is confidential.
  • Where annual fees have been paid, we will review the components of the annual fee. We will identify costs for any activities and excursions that have been included that will no longer occur this year and will provide a credit against each account for this adjustment as soon as possible and communicate this to parents.

As communicated to you last week, this week we continue to prepare for next term and the possibility for longer term school closure. We are considering the welfare of our staff with work from home conducted where possible. The office will remain open during term time and I will monitor the school email throughout the school holidays and provide updates via email if the situation changes.

Researchers have found links between gratitude and wellbeing. It can boost happiness and even reduce depression. Showing gratitude over-rides negative and destructive emotions like anger, envy, frustration and regret. In these difficult times I am grateful to our staff for the professional and compassionate way they have approached every step along the way, and I am grateful that I am a part of this community.

As we lead into Easter, the most important time in the Christian calendar, consider that it is a time of hope and a symbol of the triumph of good over evil. Please look after yourselves, and your families.

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