Lost Property

Please check the Lost Property box outside the staffroom for items belonging to your child/ren before the end of term. There are quite a few items of clothing. 

Tuckshop - Mrs Alice Short

Tuckshop will recommence in Term 3 on Friday 12th July with orders due on Wednesday 10th July. Please note that there will be no tuckshop on 19th July. Instead, we will be offering a menu for the Athletics Carnival which is being held on that date. Orders for the Carnival are due on 12th July. 

June Birthdays

Prep - Remi Delforce, Claire Bryant

Year 2 - Charlie Kidd, Brodie Hallam

Year 3 - Hunter Anderson

Year 4 - Heidi Hay

Year 5 - Harley Coleman, Dominic Chang

Year 6 - Nicholas Chang, Lily Dunne

Staff - Sr Elizabeth, Kelly Gannon

The Arts - Mrs Leilani Thomas

… and that’s a wrap for Creative Arts 2024!

In case you did not know, the Arts consists of 5 different subject areas that we categorise into creative arts (Visual Art & Media) and performing arts (Music, Drama and Dance). At St Mary’s we do Creative Arts in our first semester, and next semester we will dive into Performing Arts.

Shrek the Musical Jr.

Our production of Shrek the Musical Jr. is coming along nicely! If you would like to get involved, please let us know! Next term we will be building sets, creating props and sewing costumes. Any volunteers who wish to help are more than welcome!


All characters should now have their scripts. If they do not, please ensure they come and see me this week if they wish to take them home over the holidays. Lyric books are also available for ensemble characters and P-Y2 students.


Our students have mentioned having a difficult time finding the correct version of our songs when playing music at home. If your performer wishes to stream their music, you will need to specify the ‘junior’ version. Feel free to download the songs directly through the following link: Shrek JR. - Rehearsal Guide Vocal Tracks (feel free to bring in a USB or CD and I can add the music and/or script to it).

HPE & Sport - Mr Pete Lambourne

What’s happening this term in PE…


For the last 5 weeks of this term the students have been fully engaged in the fundamental skills of Tee ball. The focus being throwing, catching and hitting. I have observed directly the advancement and rising ability levels of all the students as a result of having a go.

In week 7 I had the pleasure of taking 8 St Mary’s students to Chinchilla for the South-West Regional Soccer Trials where they represented the school superbly.  Also, this term I have been running a Soccer Clinic for all students on Monday/Tuesday from 8am along with testing the students with a Beep Test.

Next term the Athletics carnival is at the end of week 2, so our focus for the next week and start of term 3 will be all things athletics. By working together, we can keep fostering an atmosphere where each student feels appreciated, encouraged, and equipped to reach their greatest potential.

May peace be with you.

Pete Lambourne

PE Teacher

Library - Mrs Michelle Sheehan

Two St Mary’s teams competed in the Readers Cup competition held at the School of Distance Education last week. This competition involves the students reading five nominated titles and then answering questions as a group of four for each book. Teams from Augathella, Charleville State School and the School of Distance Education also participated, with our two teams St Mary’s Teams coming first and second. The Question Marks are now off to Brisbane for the state competition in September, and a big thankyou to Rex Airlines for provisioning seven resident fares for our five students and two adults attending.

Thank you to Katrina Lehmann for submitting and acquitting a Gambling Community Benefit Fund Grant on behalf of St Mary’s Library. We are all excited about our new furnishings and loving our upper and lower quiet areas.

Students are also enjoying hammering on our new carpentry table, funded also by the grant.

Any wood off cuts would be greatly appreciated. Just drop them to the library.

In our Prep lesson last week we read the story, How to Hatch a Dragon. As a follow up activity, the students located the Library Web App icon on the iPads and completed the matching online puzzle. Students also navigated the menu bar to customise their number of puzzle pieces.

Preps very happy with their completed puzzle.

Some library lessons across the grades this term have also incorporated story extension activities utilising Kahoot (an online quiz) to answer comprehension and vocabulary questions.

The Year Two students selecting their answers pertaining to the Dreamtime story, Why the Kangaroo Hops.

It is imperative that students continue reading over the two week break.

Happy holidays and I will see you back at the commencement of Term 4, as I am taking Long Service Leave next term.


APRE - Mrs Kirsty Lines

Sacramental Program

Congratulations to our newly confirmed students!

On June 15th, during 6pm mass, seven St Mary’s students were confirmed by Bishop Ken and Fr Peter.  Congratulations to Clara Alexander, Dominic Chang, Henry Lehmann, Samuel Jones, Ari Thompson, Grace Sullivan and Sophie Williams. 

Bishop Ken remarked on how well prepared the students were.  Well done to everyone involved and we look forward to supporting these students in term 3 as they continue their sacramental journey, making their First Eucharist on Sunday, August 11 at 9am mass.

Please see a picture below of our newly confirmed students with Bishop Ken and Fr Peter.

Catholic Education Week

Catholic Education week is just around the corner, taking place early next term from 21 – 27 July.  The theme is ‘Communities of Faith, Hope and Love'.  We look forward to celebrating Catholic Education with you and your family.  Part of the celebrations will involve a whole school mass on Friday, 26 July.  All are welcome!

Prayer Assemblies

Thank you to our Prep students for a very insightful prayer assembly last week about the power of kindness.  We look forward to seeing Year 2 perform their prayer assembly this Friday, June 21.  Please see a picture below of the Preppies looking ready to do a great job before their assembly.

Have a Wonderful Winter break!

Wishing all of our families and communities a healthy, happy and relaxing holiday – see you in Term 3!

God Bless,

Kirsty Lines


Principal - Ms Katrina Dunne

As we bid farewell to another fantastic term, I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to all our students, parents, teachers, and support staff for their incredible dedication throughout this term.

I want to extend a sincere thank you to our parents for their unwavering support throughout the term. Your involvement and engagement play a vital role in our school community, and we are truly grateful for your partnership in your child's education. I also encourage all parents to take the opportunity to visit our classrooms and connect with their child's learning journey. Your presence and involvement make a significant difference in fostering a collaborative learning environment.

A special recognition goes out to our outstanding teachers and school officers for their hard work and commitment to excellence in teaching and learning at St Mary’s School. Your passion and dedication have made this term a resounding success, and we are immensely grateful for all that you do.

As we look forward to Term 3, beginning on Tuesday, 9th July, I want to remind parents to stay connected through our Parent Portal application. Should you encounter any difficulties, please don't hesitate to reach out to the lovely ladies in our office for assistance.

Thank you once again for a fabulous term, and I am confident that together, we will make Term 3 even more amazing. Here's to another term filled with learning, growth, and memorable experiences!

Thank you and farewell to Bob and Sue

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr Bob Grant and Mrs Sue Grant for their invaluable contributions as Year 4 teacher and School Officer at our school this term.

When we were unable to successfully fill these roles, Bob and Sue graciously came to our rescue, bringing a wealth of knowledge, skills, and a deep sense of compassion and kindness.

Their generosity in making themselves available to join our community in Charleville for this term has been truly appreciated. The students have thrived under their guidance, and we are grateful for the positive impact they have made.

As Bob and Sue depart on their next journey, we wish them all the best. Their dedication and care for our school and students will be deeply missed. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

Staff updates for Term 3

We would like to share some important staffing updates for Term 3.

We wish Mrs. Michelle Sheehan all the best as she takes long service leave for the upcoming term to journey overseas. We look forward to welcoming her back to our school in Term 4.

We are excited to welcome back Susan McInnes, who is returning from two years of leave. Susan will be taking on the librarian role and teaching Health to our Prep through Year 6 students this semester.

Mr Pete Lambourne will continue in his position as PE teacher for the remainder of the year.

Vanessa Alexander will be taking four weeks of long service leave next term. During weeks 2 and 3, Taylor Morrison will be acting as Middle Leader. We will also be recruiting a Year 6 teacher to cover this short-term leave.

Please join us in thanking our staff for their dedication and wishing those embarking on new adventures all the best. We look forward to the term ahead.

Have a wonderful break.

Kind regards,



Tuckshop - Mrs Alice Short

Updated Tuckshop Menu & Price List. Available from last week. Remember, orders are due in on Wednesdays for Tuckshop on Fridays. If your child/children are away for whatever reason on the Friday, please message Alice on 0429 041 872 by 8:30am to let her know so that the order can be held over. Failure to do this will result in the order being forfeited.

June Birthdays

Prep - Remi Delforce, Claire Bryant

Year 2 - Charlie Kidd, Brodie Hallam

Year 3 - Hunter Anderson

Year 4 - Heidi Hay

Year 5 - Harley Coleman, Dominic Chang

Year 6 - Nicholas Chang, Lily Dunne

Staff - Sr Elizabeth, Kelly Gannon

Uniform Shop - Ms Loretta Clayton

Year 2 - Miss Imogen Hunt

Hello families,

Wow! What a busy term we have had so far. Can you believe it is Week 8!!!

Over the past few weeks we have had a few extra-curricular activities.

First up being "Step Into Stories". We got to listen and engage with an author through the laptop where we learnt how to draw different animals that Renee Treml creates in her books.

Following this we were lucky enough to have National Simultaneous Story Time. Year 2 and Year 6 had the pleasure of listening to Mrs Patterson read us the book. We had lots of questions and loved trying to find the objects in the pages.

In HASS we have been looking at the story of ‘Are we There Yet’. Over the last few weeks we have been looking at national landmarks and the types of artwork that Indigenous people created. In our lesson we have learnt about the types of x-ray paintings and dot paints. We created our paintings in these ways. We have also been looking at different types of maps and created our own nature maps of how we get to school.

In Religion we have been looking at a variety of stories of Jesus and how he made an impact. We've had the opportunity of Mrs Lines sharing a story, and explored a bible passage in groups to work out our own meaning.

There has been a lot happening in our classroom and we are looking forward to completing and showing our learning through our assessments.

Let's finish off the term strong!



Year 1 - Ms Susan Holloway

Hi Everyone,

As I write this, I find it hard to visualise where the past six months have gone. The old saying 'Time flies' certainly applies in Year One!

Our learning team has continued to be busy since our last newsletter item. Our recent Prayer Assembly was an expression and celebration of what we had learned about baptism through acting and dance. What a great job the students did!

Rehearsing for last week's Prayer Assembly.

We begin writing our fairy tales this week and we are looking forward to becoming published authors! Thank you for engaging in all the chats about fairy tales at home as part of our homework. Having your input has been a great support in this process. 

We start building our city next week, putting our geographical knowledge together to show our understanding of what we have learned about how spaces can be used for different purposes and what are natural elements and what are man made. As we live in a town, we decided to build a city to challenge our thinking about the use of places and the different structures that are required.

Investigating how heat changes the properties of spaghetti in Science.

Exploring measurement and capacity.


Sue Holloway and the Year One Team

Prep - Mrs Bernie McPhee

What a busy term it has been! We have had lots of fun things happening this term. On Monday, Week 5 we were visited by the STEM Roadshow Crew who gave us a small glimpse into electronics and the Army Cadets showed us their drones and let us have a go with their computer drone program.

On Tuesday, Week 5 we were lucky enough to go to the Town Hall to watch the performance of “The Twits”. The actors were fantastic, the students had a great time, and lots of laughter was had by all.

On Wednesday, Week 5 we participated in “Step-into-Stories”. Students got to meet author/illustrator Renee Treml. She read us a book that she had illustrated and then talked the students through her process of drawing animals from the story.

Monday Week 6, we again spent time with our buddies. In small groups of 4-6, students were tasked with building the longest marble runs they could, using a variety of materials.

I hope you got to go and view the school work at the Charleville Show. The Prep students worked really hard at doing their best work. Congratulations to Hennie who won first prize in the Prep handwriting section.

National Simultaneous Storytime was on Wednesday last week. We were very fortunate to have one of our lovely Grandma’s come and read,“Bowerbird Blues”, by Aura Parker to us and then stayed for a while to help us complete some activities related to the text. Thank you!!

Under 8’s Day was a blast. Students had a great time exploring all the different activities on offer at the State School. Unfortunately, as I was supervising my activity, I didn’t get to take many photos of what was on offer to students.

APRE - Mrs Kirsty Lines

Children’s Mass

Thank you to all of our families and St Mary’s community who attended children’s Mass on Saturday, June 1st.  How fantastic to see so many students, (some as young as 8), want to participate in Mass.  It would not be possible for us to have such a strong link between the Parish and School without the support of Fr Peter, Sr Elizabeth, our Principal, Katrina Dunne and all of our families.  The Parish looks forward to our next children’s mass in term 3.  Please see pictures below.

Sacramental Program – Confirmation 15 June 

The time is drawing closer to when our candidates are confirmed by Bishop Ken Howell on Saturday, June 15 at Parish Mass at 6pm.  You are warmly invited to attend Mass and support Hope Castles, Clara Alexander, Grace Sullivan, Sophie Williams, Ari Thompson, Dominic Chang, Sam Jones and Henry Lehmann as they confirm the baptismal promises their parents and godparents made on their behalf.  These candidates have already been preparing to receive this sacrament for over a month – we’d love to see you there in support of them and their families.  Please see photo below of candidates.

APRE Review

In July this year, the school, with assistance of TCSO Mission and Identity team, led by Angela Travers, will undertake a review of the APRE role.  This review happens every 5 years and you may be contacted by the school to provide feedback during this process.  Students and staff also have the opportunity to provide feedback to the school and TCS. 

Ordinary Time begins Sunday 9 June

If you visit your child’s classroom next week you may notice the sacred space is no longer white – it will be green for the beginning of ‘Ordinary Time’ – this liturgical season will now continue until the season of Advent in December. 

A presumption that is easy to make is ‘Ordinary Time’ just means we go ‘back to normal’ after the special time of Easter.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  There is nothing ‘Ordinary’ about Ordinary Time.  If you are interested please read the paragraph below, written by Joe Paprocki a National Faith consultant for Faith formation at Loyola Press.  It certainly reminded me to think of ‘Ordinary time’ as still special!

In fact, the Scripture readings teach us that there is nothing ordinary about Ordinary Time. Aware of God’s presence and continuing love, the Church does not let a day go by without counting it as belonging to God. Because we count our Sundays in this way, we call them Ordinary, as in the word ordinal, meaning “numbered.” Because we encounter, day by day and Sunday after Sunday, the deeds of the Lord proclaimed in Scripture, we are reminded regularly that this moment and indeed every moment belongs to God. In fact, at the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday, which is the centerpiece of the Church year, the priest prays these words as he blesses the Easter candle: “Christ yesterday and today, the beginning and the end, Alpha and Omega; all time belongs to him, and all the ages; to him be glory and power through every age for ever.”

For Catholics, time takes on a unique sense in the context of liturgy and worship. When we enter liturgy, the time that we mark with clocks and watches, kronos, is suspended. At that point, kairos—eternal time or “heaven’s time”—overshadows our time and invites us to enter God’s “eternal now.” This eternal now is experienced by the Church through the Church’s liturgical year. This means that, for Catholics, every day of the year has a connection to Jesus.

Wishing you a blessed fortnight,

Kirsty Lines


Principal - Ms Katrina Dunne

Welcome to Week 8 of the term! As we embrace the changing seasons and the cooler air of winter approaches, it's essential to ensure our students are equipped for the colder weather while maintaining our school's uniform standards. At St Mary's, our uniform isn't merely about conformity; it's a representation of our shared identity and values. It fosters a sense of belonging, pride, and unity among our students.

Uniform expectations serve a crucial purpose in our school community. They promote equality, minimise distractions, and create a conducive learning environment. However, it's not just about all wearing the same thing because the school says so. Rather, it's about instilling a sense of responsibility and respect for our school's traditions and ethos. Therefore, I urge all students to uphold these uniform expectations with pride and dignity.

As we transition into the colder months, it's paramount that all families ensure their children have the appropriate winter attire. Our uniform guidelines include plain navy winter attire to provide warmth and protection from the elements while maintaining a smart and professional appearance. This includes items such as navy jumpers, jackets, scarves, and beanies. By adhering to these guidelines, we not only ensure the comfort and well-being of our students but also maintain the integrity of our school's uniform policy.

I would like to extend my gratitude to our parents and caregivers for their continued support in upholding our uniform expectations. Your cooperation in ensuring your child is dressed appropriately for the winter season is greatly appreciated and contributes to the overall success of our school community.

Have a wonderful fortnight.

Kind regards,


Year 1 - Ms Susan Holloway

Needed for our Under Eight's Day - empty egg cartons

Hi there,

Sue Holloway here from Year One.  I am creating native bird feeders with children for the Under Eight's Day being held on 23rd May, 2024.

I am in need of empty egg cartons for this project. If you have some spares, please feel free to drop them into the Year One classroom. They will be much appreciated!

Thanks for your support,