Mission, vision and values



St Mary’s School will achieve its vision by recognising the uniqueness of each member of its community, particularly its students. Through Religious Education we will seek to deepen the relationship between the individual student and God, by developing and celebrating each student’s faith and giftedness. St Mary’s School will develop policies that enable the school community to operate cohesively in a welcoming, safe and caring environment.


By ‘Learning through Loving and Living’ we endeavour to create a Catholic school community characterised by

a. our option for the disadvantaged
b. collaborative and participative leadership
c. a welcoming, safe and caring environment for all
d. an education that is Catholic and holistic
e. inclusive relationships built on justice and equality.


St Mary’s School, Charleville is a school in the Mercy tradition since 1913. We have strong spiritual, cultural and social links to the local community.

As a school in the Mercy tradition, we promote the kingdom of God by encouraging the values of respect, inclusiveness, understanding, compassion, truth, responsibility, justice and loyalty.


Learning through Loving and Living.