Student wellbeing  

‘My children feel happy and safe here. There is a clear awareness of who each student is, the child having their own identity in the school. It is both powerful and reassuring for a parent. Every staff member knows who my child is and how to get in contact with me. And my children know that.’ St Mary's School parent

St Mary’s School nurtures the health and wellbeing of all students. We believe that student wellbeing goes hand in hand with learning success.

Staff are supportive of students and focus on developing self-confidence and resilience in their relationships with others. Every child is known as an individual and is known for their uniqueness.

There is a peer-to-peer buddy system in place between senior students and junior students. This gives younger children confidence to build friendships across year levels and creates opportunities for older children to experience being positive role models.

The health and wellbeing program at the school accesses resources such as Peace-builders, You Can Do It, REDI kit and Heart Matters programs.